CIGAR ASHTRAYS & RESTSWhat to look for:
Is the bowl big enough? There will be lots of ash.
Can the design support a cigar?
The cigar should rest close to horizontal

Crystal Cigar Ashtrays

Crystal Cigar Ashtray 73-J3539 R1003.73 
15×10/7x3cm • Boxed
Crystal Cigar Ashtray 73-J3431 R1003.73 
18.5×9/6x3cm • 2 cigar rests • Boxed

Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray with sliding Bridge

Move the adjustable rest along as you smoke your cigar.
Provides continuous support as the cigar gets shorter.
Helps maintain even burning;
your cigar won’t tilt over or fall off.

Boxed ~ 20x12x3cm
73-J3292 R802.00 

Glass Cigar Ashtrays ~ Boxed

Clear ~ 3.5cm high ~ 8.5cm diameter
73-J3571 R175.00 

Smokey ~ 3.5cm high ~ 8.5cm diameter
73-J3572 R175.00 

Square Glass Cigar Ashtray
8.5cm x 4.5cm; boxed
73-J3573 R295.00 


Four ashtrays can make a decorative centrepiece
for a table setting.
The ashtrays can be separated as needed.

Oval glass 2-Cigar ashtray; Cuba design Car; 20x15x3.5cm Boxed
73-J3581 R1175.00 

Oval glass 2-Cigar ashtray; Cuba design Habana; 20x15x3.5cm Boxed
73-J3582 R1175.00 

Strong black Cigar Ashtray

Diameter: 20cm • Height: 5cm – boxed
73-J3061 R895.00